Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Bohemian fashion style

Bohemian style is a fashion style strongly related to hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories.

What does bohemian fashion look like?

A boho chic look typically combines bold bohemian details with simple, contemporary pieces. Wayfarer, hippie and 70s fashion trends contribute to this elevated boho style for women. The term “boho chic” became famous when celebrities Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller began embracing one-of-a-kind boho looks circa 2005.

The term "Bohemian" applies to people who live an unconventional lifestyle, often with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits. The original "Bohemians" were travelers or refugees from central Europe.

Bohemian style is all about bright colors. The term “bohemian” originally referred to Roma gypsies, so think about all the fun colors and fringes that come to mind.  Often, boho colors are warm pink, gold, yellow, and orange. But there are also plenty of cooler tones too, from turquoise to blue and the green of plants.

It's no longer a prominent fashion trend, but the bohemian style decor trend is still growing and developing as more of us look to make our homes into more informal, relaxing, and positive areas.

After a year of staying at home, people will probably want to feel more polished and put together, and the same goes for their homes. Therefore, Boho is expected to decrease in popularity in 2022.

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